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Our Mission

Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement was developed in conjunction with a wide range of stakeholders and identifies:

  • Our links to the Sisters of Mercy
  • What we seek to do
  • How we do it
  • The values that are embedded in our Mercy Mission culture

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Three Win Philosophy

Our desired outcomes are based on a three “win” position:

  • “Win” for the client with a high quality product backed by a reliable service;
  • “Win” for the disadvantaged in providing them with the skills, training and employment opportunities in a workplace where their input is valued and encouraged; and
  • “Win” for the organisation in making it a financially sustainable organisation which can continue the traditions and values that were instilled by the Sisters of Mercy when it was established in 1889.

Community Contribution

By engaging the services of Holy Cross Laundry, our clients recognise and appreciate that in addition to receiving a high quality laundry linen service, they are significantly contributing to support the community that they too serve.

Our logo provides a broad understanding of our heritage, mission and operational philosophy. We have designed it to be a reflection of our commitment to quality, service, community and our history.

Holy Cross Laundry is a Mercy Ministry