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Quality Control

Quality Monitoring

At Holy Cross Laundry we have been supplying high quality linen for over 120 years. Our Quality Management System, independent monitoring and testing arrangements an continuous computer controlled wash and record systems give our clients the assurance that they need.

We can provide you with a wash certificate for every item processed which details:

  • Product
  • Wash Time
  • Load Weight
  • Water Usage
  • Chemicals Used and amounts, when and where
  • Wash Temperature

Simply request a certificate and we will be happy to oblige.

Product Quality

Our laundry service is based on an operational model that provides our clients with peace of mind. At all times our clients can count on the following guarantees:

  • Linen they are providing to their clients/patients/residents has been processed using strict control measures which monitor disinfection standards as well as presentation.
  • A record of the wash process of every product is available if required.
  • Our clients’ compliance requirements at a Code of Practice level, or the various legislative levels by local, state and national authorities are being achieved through the laundry services provided by Holy Cross Laundry.

Protection for the Product User and their Clients/Patients/Residents

Apart from meeting Australian Standards we recognise that as a client you need to be aware of other Risk Management Protocols we have in place to protect your interests.  On providing you with a quotation we will also provide you with details of:

  • Our full package of insurances
  • Plant redundancy provisions in the event of a major disruption to production
  • Quality Management System documentation
  • Laundry monitoring programs
  • Risk Management Protocols
Holy Cross Laundry is a Mercy Ministry