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Tailored Logistical Services

Flexibility in a Supply Model to Meet Your Needs

In order to accommodate the varying requirements of our clients, we have a number of ordering systems in place such as:

  • Dock to Dock or Dock to Ward Delivery Service
  • Full imprest - "roll in / roll out"
  • Daily Orders
  • On Demand/Emergency Supply

The majority of our clients use our linen hire service. With a product range in excess of 100 durable and high quality products we have the capacity to meet their commercial linen needs. Additionally, we do launder Client Owned Goods (COG) items.

Our delivery services are scheduled to meet our mutually agreed time frames. In determining the transport arrangements a number of logistical issues are taken into consideration:

  • Loading dock storage capacity for soiled and clean linen
  • Location storage where the linen is actually used
  • Linen delivery and collection methodology

We are happy to answer all your questions and to conduct an operational audit of your laundry requirements to determine how best to serve your  laundry needs.

Service Delivery

At Holy Cross Laundry we recognise that our success is contingent upon the success of our clients. That’s why we provide a service that consistently meets or exceeds a range of expectations:

  • Tailored to the operational requirements of our clients.
  • Can be relied upon to meet clients’ laundry needs both on a day to day basis and when emergency situations arise.
  • Provides a flexible order and delivery system to provide clients with opportunities to improve their service.
  • Assists in the control of costs by providing a hire linen service reducing clients’ capital expenditure on linen purchases.
  • Provides comprehensive reporting on linen usage that allows clients to analyse their linen usage and reduce costs.
  • Has an established procedure which allows for items which are inadvertently sent with the soiled linen to be returned to their rightful owners.

Supply Rate

Over the past twelve months we have achieved an outstanding monthly supply rate to our clients of 99.9%, which serves to illustrate our intense focus on reliability.

Holy Cross Laundry is a Mercy Ministry